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We will provide you with Top Candidates

Recruitment Needs promise to deliver cutting edge and innovative strategies to deliver top talent for every assignment undertaken consistently.

We take a collaborative approach to recruitment through the creation of lasting and supportive relationships with our clients.

We take the time to understand each client’s exact requirements and identify a suitable candidate to fulfil and thrive in a particular role.

We Go the Extra Mile
We endeavour to identify that a potential candidate not only has the required skillset but that they have the correct attitude and behaviour to become a good fit with your company’s culture. We have a passion and drive to set the standard that other recruitment agencies aspire to.
As an independent boutique firm, we provide the personal touch and are available to clients throughout the recruiting process. Our work with established leading industry brands has gained excellent insight into our clients’ needs and requirements and consistently provide ‘best-in-class service’ to all our valued and ever-growing client list.

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We provide top talent when and where you need it! We do this through:

  • Our extensive candidate networks
  • Our Innovative talent acquisitions strategies and our ability to think outside the box
  • Our Referrals Network and Huge Database
  • Our ability to attract top quality candidates on a truly international scale
  • Our promise to fulfil a requisition no matter how complex the role
  • Our drive to be the best of the best in the recruitment business
  • Our consultative approach to recruiting

Our Specialist Sector-Specific Recruiting Knowledge

We keep our ear to the ground in the sectors to which we operate. We know the market, the salary scales, the required skillsets and the hiring process’s complexities. We offer advice on varying solutions to such complexities, often pursuing distinct avenues and strategies to think outside the box for such talent fulfilment.

Saving Your Business Time

The expense to the business of reviewing CVs and initiating dialogue with potential candidates can also be very time consuming. Recruitment Needs will look after all the initial steps of the recruitment process. We ensure your valuable time reviewing potential applicants will only be spent reviewing top talent put forward by us and not sifting through the many unqualified applications received. We undertake all administrative and communications with our candidates on your behalf and do full qualification, residency and reference checks,  where required.

Saving Your Business Money

Our diverse subscriptions with the top job advertising sites in Ireland and our continued investment in technology ensure that any position placed with us will be advertised through the correct medium to attract top talent. The cost associated with advertising these jobs yourself can be,  and considerable expense to the business and do not guarantee you results. 


Our recruitment strategies in talent spotting are forward-thinking, innovative and international. We spread our wings far and wide using various methods to recruit, such as social media, digital marketing strategies, and the use of video technology to reach a broader audience to fulfil your company’s roles. 

Whilst these strategies are highly successful, our desire and constant efforts to provide an excellent and professional client and candidate experience have organically led to numerous referrals and repeat business. Therefore, adhering to the more traditional method of building and maintaining valued relationships and repeat business.


  • Logistics and Warehousing 
  • Hotel and Catering 
  • Office and Legal Support 
  • Trades and Labour 
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Customer Service and Call Centre 
  • Sales and Marketing